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Bob's Driving School


 Bob's Driving School is owned and operated by myself Bob Millership.I have been in the Driving Instruction business for 30 years now. Over those 30 years I have been able to help thousands of clients get their first drivers license. As well I specialize in Class 4, 5, 7 and help clients prepare for a re-exam. Also for the past 26 years i have been conducting Light Truck Resource Road Training and  Corporate Evaluations, this is when a company with a small or large fleet of vehicles will bring me in and see how their drivers are and correct what needs to be corrected( if they use a company vehicle) After visiting a company I can reduce their incidents by at least 50% in the first year and some as high as 80% in the first year. 



There are good reasons to take lessons from a professional Driver Training Instructor. Learning to drive safely is not as straightforward as one might think. If the person teaching you is not a trained instructor, sometimes you may:


learn wrong information
pick up unsafe habits, or
gain a false sense of confidence of your knowledge and/or ability

You may wish to discuss the advantages of taking professional driver training with the person(s) who will be your qualified supervisor (i.e., parent).

The Advantages of Taking Professional Driver Training


Qualified instructors can provide more objective instruction
An experienced instructor can offer advice on making the most of the practice driving time that you spend with a qualified supervisor
Professional instructors can work with the qualified supervisor to coordinate training to ensure practice time is effective
A professional instructor has a current understanding of traffic laws and can help you understand how the rules apply to a variety of driving situations which will prepare you for an everchanging traffic/driving environment
Professional Instructors can evaluate your abilities, help target areas needing improvement, provide written summaries that you can take home to review with your qualified supervisor, and help you work on and improve those areas
A structured driver training program gradually builds a learner's driving skills by first introducing basic driving concepts and manoeuvers, then moving on to more complex driving situations when the learner is ready; this leads to success
Classroom training provides an opportunity for trainees to explore attitudes and behaviours and share experiences with others. It also encourages trainees to think about the choices they make and the impacts of those choices

Professional driver training can help students link knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become safe, responsible and thinking drivers

Taking driver training at a licensed driver training school can offer greater access to community services and information relating to driver training (e.g., guest speakers (police, ambulance, victims), salvage yards, hospital visits, etc.)
Receiving comprehensive driver instruction can help you prepare for the road test and to maintain safe driving behaviours for a life time (e.g., learn good techniques/habits from the beginning and the importance of using them consistently)
Professional driver training allows you to learn, practice and gain the necessary experience in a lower risk environment (e.g., exploring situations in the classroom or a controlled environment (i.e., dual brake vehicle with a professional instructor trained to ensure student's safety))
Taking driver training at a licensed driver training school allows access to a mechanically fit vehicle
For those pursuing a commercial licence, in most cases people have no other means to learn how to operate a commercial vehicle except through a licensed driver training school

Taking an ICBC-Approved Driver Education Course

An option is available for new drivers pursuing a class 7 (passenger vehicle) or 8 (motorcycle) driver's licence to take an ICBC-Approved Driver Education Course.

Although all British Columbia Driver Training Schools must be licensed by ICBC in order to operate, not all schools providing passenger or motorcycle training offer an ICBC-Approved Driver Education Course.